Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sleighbells ring...sun is shining?

It has been a strange day at Comfort & Joy HQ today. I spent the morning baking and the afternoon shooting a new Christmas product with C&J's official photographer, Guy Moorhouse.
For now all I can say is that we have all eaten far too many Christmas spice biscuits than we should have done...

...and that Chief Taster Oscar gave his seal approval. Phew! More details soon!

Click here to link to more of Guy's amazing photography. He's a very clever chap.

Friday, 23 July 2010


Dolly sang about it, people are throwing parties to celebrate it and now even Debenhams have set up a Divorce Gift List! A few months ago I was asked to create some cupcakes to fit an article on divorce and it's impact on brands for the stunning magazine Contact. It's a title that has won multiple awards for it's design so I was really flattered to be asked to supply cupcakes for one of their photo shoots . The tilt of the article was a positive one so I wanted to make the cakes look bright and punchy and a little bit tongue in cheek.

The end result makes for a really nice graphic background for the article, and oddly a few people have said that these cupcakes are their favourite yet! I might call them the Billy Ray Cyrus cakes!

Or...maybe not.