Monday, 2 August 2010

New Young Pony Club

I was asked to make some cupcakes for a client going away to Pony Camp last week! I provided cupcakes for the same client last year, so I thought I'd try and do something a bit different for her this time.

These are the cupcakes for Pony Club 2010! Chocolate flavoured sponge cake drizzled with fresh vanila pod syrup, iced with vanilla buttercream swirls edged in sugar sprinkles and topped with a horseshoe and pastel pink glitter stars.

Hope you all had a great time girls!

Secret Garden

I have been crazy busy with birthday orders and parties this month! There are a lot of Cancerians who are fond of a cupcake it seems...

Kicking the month off in absolutely epic style was Mala's amazing birthday party. I provided sweet treats for a glamorous afternoon tea, taken in the garden beneath jewelled Bedouin tents. We used a fantastic selection of china and accessories from the gorgeous range at Idyllic Days* to serve the tea and I styled the garden with brightly coloured feather butterflies, raffia garlands and Chinese Lanterns (all bought from the complayetel adictive Cox & Cox website.) The finished result was completely magical but sadly I only had time to take a handful of quick pics before the guests arrived but I'll post more when I get them.

I also made a special cake for the birthday girl complete with gold candle! Happy birthday Mala, this was one of my favourite and most special projects to date. x
*Have a look at Kim from The Pink Pumpkin & Idyllic Days' blog here. It really is very very lovely!