Thursday, 13 May 2010

Tea Break

It has all been very quiet at Comfort & Joy HQ hasn't it?! A horribly extended bout of building work has meant I have been really limited in terms of kitchen time - and space. But everything is finally finished and actually, the hiatus proved quite useful for getting a few new recipes off the ground.

Macaroons are everywhere and I'm an absolute addict, so baking up a whole batch one lazy Sunday afternoon was a bit of a mistake...but a delicious one! About ten chewy, chocolate filled treats each later we were slumped in front of the Easties omnibus in the recovery position. But goodness, what a nice way to while away part of the weekend!

I also tried out a new recipe for Chocolate Orange Brownie Bites on friends who came over for an impromptu afternoon tea. I often find brownies just that little bit too rich, but the zing of the orange is a divine contrast to the chocolate and the gooey middle tastes absolutely velvety. We ate many more than we should (all in the name of research you understand.)

The macaroons and brownies will form part of our new range of sweet treats launching in the Autumn. And now, I'm off to renew that gym membership...

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